The Art of Blogging

Unedited photo (730kb), BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G (Click to enlarge)

Blogging is different from the normal style of reporting in technical reports or homepages. It requires  a change in mindset from potential bloggers, failing which, the blog lacks the juice to generate interest. An argument that the choice of topic must first be interesting needs to be dumped because a topic is neutral, it is the creative ability of the author to capture an audience which leads to blog success so let’s not pass the buck, shall we?

A picture paints a thousand words so throw in a photo/video clip relating to the topic. This adds colour and appeal to the eye, hence, a photo should be a compulsory item in a blog. Here, the writer must put some effort. Of course the better, the quality, the more tantalizing the bait, then again, better a photo than no photo at all although photo quality maybe basic as taken from a 2.0 MP mobile phone exemplified above. For blog purpose, the photo does not need to be sharp since the user can always enlarge it, if required. Writers, therefore, should always carry at least with a mobile phone with a camera wherever they go and take photos of happenings no matter how trivial because it could serve later as the main photo for the blog.

The next thing is to introduce the topic as if one were to talk to a person who knows nothing about it because the visitor who reads that blog may actually know nothing about it at all too! There is no need for details just a brief will do, expand that later under comments should anyone ask. This is important but what people often seek is the writer’s opinion, in favour or not of the subject. It helps to probe the mind of the writer. Visitors may or may not agree with the author but they want to get the picture from one side of the coin. It is also critical not only just to remark but more importantly, to justify it.

Finally, the author should reply all comments, in fact, this is a MAMPU requirement to all government blogs. Replies also help generate interest, can even prolong interest and spur others to contribute views, after all, that is what a blog is for. this!

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