JPBD helps BOMBA find GIS solution

BOMBA recently sought advise from BMGN to help find a GIS that could determine the shortest route possible from a fire station to a preferred destination e.g. fire plus as cheap as possible. To fulfill the “cheap as possible” prerequisite, BMGN turned to free Quantum GIS and it just so happens the latest version 1.7 comes default with a Road Graph module. BMGN successfully tested the Road Graph plugin to calculate the shortest distance between 2 paths separately by length or time and concluded it functions well and should meet BOMBA’s need. A proprietary equivalent of such a module could easily cost RM10,000 per pax and BOMBA admit they currently do not even have a GIS so Quantum GIS is acknowledged as a very attractive suggestion. BOMBA officers  were shown how the Road Graph works and En. Fazillah, BOMBA agreed it is simple and easy to use. However, they were advised to collect data of separate road length, junction and direction if they wanted to optimize the module. A team of 6 came to BMGN on 24.6.2011 and were equally impressed what they saw even for a brief moment. They said they would like to study QGIS and if the results prove positive, may extend its use beyond their pilot project in Petaling District which involves the identification of catchment areas of potentially new fire stations. this!

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