How to monitor landuse conformity/inconformity with Quantum GIS?

Step 1: Activate zoning plan.

Without being over-ambitious, how does one do a simple monitor for landuse conformity (or inconformity otherwise) using a GIS? Firstly, it is important to know whether the appropriate module is available in the GIS in hand. For the current Quantum GIS (QGIS) Ver. 1.7, the geo-processing tool is called Intersect. Just activate and compare the zoning plan and existing landuse plan then get the GIS module to highlight landuse conformity with the zoning plan. It also implies landuse not highlighted equals to landuse inconformity to the zoning plan. OK, OK, there is still room for improvement as real live situations can differ sometimes but let’s just give QGIS a try after all, it’s free! These 5 printscreens show QGIS can easily do basic monitoring of landuse conformity which is not bad for a start and must be given credit for that.

Step 2: Activate existing landuse layer

Step 3: Activate Geoprocessing Tools/Intersect

Step 4: The intersect output is produced

Step 5: Run an SQL query to highlight landuse conformity

Result: Landuse conformity is highlighted but landuse inconfomity is not highlighted.

So what you think, QGIS still a lousy GIS? this!

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