BMGN finds way to monitor landuse development using QGIS

Eventually!…the goal to use Quantum GIS (QGIS) as a free GIS tool to quickly monitor landuse development that any interested party was achieved after exploring QGIS. The technique involved its geoprocessing tool known as “Intersect”, followed by use of a Structured Query Language (SQL) command to highlight landuse conformity and subsequently, by a typical overlay technique to view the state of inconformity. In principle, landuse inconformity should imply impermissible landuse but there are instance where it is allowable. In such cases, this is beyond the capability of the current technology of GIS and requires manual assessment. Changes in landuse development also come in different scenarios and no one GIS module can address all issues because different geospatial query demand different geoprocessing tools, if ever there are in existence. But anyway, the number one problem in GIS is still data availability. this!

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