The future of map integration lies in Google Mercator projection

I was surprised to be told the Google Maps feature is only possible in Mapinfo Ver 10.5 although was already here since QGIS Ver 1.4 (or earlier) so this sets a wide gap between the potentials of QGIS as a GIS that exploits Internet on real time application. Tinkering with it, I prophesies the future of map integration lies in Google Maps as people want something they are familiar since many may not be familar with landuse maps but with Google Maps so that makes a good base. People at the state agencies may be happy with state base cassini maps but federal agencies need nation wide map integration which depends on a different reference point. WGS84 is a good reference point but it does not tally with Google Mercator projection so it is wiser to exploit Google Mercator’s projection as this helps put overlay maps properly on Google Maps and you can even see that from the comfort of your home.

Of course boundary issues may arise but the issue sometimes can be due to other reasons e.g poor monitoring, verification, coordination, study project policy etc. but from a macro point-of-view, Google Map integration delivers. this!

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