The monitoring of landuse development using Quantum GIS

As town planners, there is a professional need to ensure that what was implemented follows what was planned and see that relevant parties walk the talk. While there is much desire to plan in the department, to what extent are development plans really, really monitored in a scientific manner? This paper that just came out of the oven looks at the task of monitoring landuse development using GIS specifically Quantum GIS and to determine if GIS can do it effectively and if not possible, what are the issues that need to be addressed. The subject is technical so very sorry but also is the solution and the paper tells of the need to use GIS techniques like sieving, matrix development, SQL queries and data topology correction by optimizing the use of GRASS GIS modules. The paper offers policy makers and anyone for that matter the cheapest but effective and reliable way to monitor landuse development on condition several criteria have been fulfilled. The paper has already been submitted for publication in the Ministry of National Resource and Environment’s Bulletin GeoSpatial Sektor Awam. The PDF paper can be downloaded here. this!

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