Is a 5MP handphone adequate for blog and internet photographs?

ICT advanced so much in recent times that the quality of a photograph taken from a handphone has dramatically improved as image resolution got better. With free web storage space easily available on the Internet, many people now keep their digital photographs at web albums and social networks sites where image resolution of 800×600 pixels is common place. Some sites even automatically downsize high resolution photographs to this setting. My question is “If this is going to be the modus operandi of photo sharing of people like you and me, is the purchase of a camera or handphone with a camera with more than 5MP digital resolution really necessary for blog/internet photographs?” I present my case with sample photos taken with my CSL mi410 handphone purchased at RM600 in March, 2012 though sold for RM1450 when first introduced last year. It comes with a 5MP camera.

My first impression was that it is difficult to take photographs in bright sunlight because too much brightness made it difficult for the image to display. I was wrong. I learnt I should have configured display brightness to ‘auto’ because this way, the camera can automatically adjusts display brightness to compensate external brightness.

Unlike traditional film photography, most digital photographs taken even from cameras with high resolution generally need some digital editing later to make adjustments for brightness and contrast. This can also be done on the handphone if a photo editor is available and can easily be downloaded free from the web. As a guide, contrast compensation of +10% is suffice while brightness compensation of -10% is more than enough. Also, if possible, avoid flash photography because natural photography looks better, thus, know how to properly compose a photograph, that is, ensure natural lighting comes in front of the subject. All photographs presented here were taken at the maximum resolution of 5MP but later downsize to 800×600 for viewing as required here by WordPress blog.

The 1GHz 4″ screen CSL mi410 shown below was also photographed with another CSL mi410. I agree a camera with a high resolution definitely produces better images but if you find the photographs here pleasing,  you will agree a handphone with at least 5MP is more than adequate for blog/internet photographs. Also … do not underestimate a locally assembled handphone. MALAYSIA BOLEH! PERCAYA LAH! OPEN SOURCE ANDROID PULAK! 😀 this!

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