BMGN visit to DBKL’s planning department


BMGN paid a courtousy call to the planning depertment of DBKL on 8.4.2014 with the intention of getting their cooperation to provide zoning, committed development and landuse information to ensure that all land in Peninsular Malaysia has been captured under the I-PLAN project in order to coordinate and standardize the use of Town Planning landuse GIS standards in line witht the I-PLAN project. It was found that DBKL only embarked in the preparation of GIS data for planning purposes in 2009 where Mapinfo had been the main GIS software. DBKL has apprarently upgraded all their digital plans to adhere to the GDM2000 map projections which is good as it enables better data sharing between government agencies. DBKL has 20 types of landuse activities of which JPBD only has 13 which means that there will have to be some form of coordination between DBKL and JPBDSM so that both parties will not lose out in data sharing.

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