MaCGDI-BMGN collaborate on propose UPI-JPBD, 21.4.2014



A meeting was held by MaCGDI at their office in Putrajaya on 21.4.2014 where BMGN was invited to table their propose Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI) to be used in the IPLAN project. Present also were representatives from the Survey Department (JUPEM HQ) and the Ministry of Land and Mines (KPTG). The idea arose because it was acknowledged that during the period when planning permission was awarded until the time when a Qualified Title (QT) is issued by the District Office for Land and Mines (PTD), JUPEM’s UPI has not yet been designated for the relevant lot. This makes it difficult to search that particular lot when using a relational data base management system (RDBMS). Thus, a temporary UPI was suggested by BMGN but which would be replaced with JUPEM’s UPI the moment it is made available to BMGN. The outcome of the meeting was fruitful and it was concluded there is a need for such a UPI in lieu of JUPEM’s UPI. BMGN is asked to fine-tune their UPI so it does not strictly refer to a point but polygon. Here, when the UPI-JPBD refers to the centroid of a polygon, it must also represent that corresponding polygon. BMGN will identify a pilot project area in Selangor to illustrate their case to MaCGDI next month. this!

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