Did you realize, we have a BIG responsibility to preserve the earth as a human being as well as a planner? On 2012, I bought this book. It is a very simple book, but it is so meaningful for me as I love reading and saving the earth for the future of my children.


I would like to share some tips from this book namely from the office category, so that all of us can practice each tip to help preserve the earth.

  • Say NO to Styrofoam – avoids Styrofoam takeout containers and replace with a compostable options.
  • Opt for electronic banking and billing – Don’t print ATM receipts as they’re a chief source of litter and are almost always unnecessary.
  • Do not throw out reusable paper products – Cut scrap paper into quarters and use it to write phone messages rather than buying a new pad.
  • Use rewritable CDs or flash drives to back up files – Store data on rewritable discs or on a USB flash drive.
  • Choose draft quality when printing – The best way to reduce the pollution produces by ink cartridges is to use less ink.
  • Telecommute or videoconference – It is far more eco-friendly than flying to business meetings.
  • Optimize your computer’s energy-saving capabilities – Setting your computer to go to sleep after 10 to 15 minutes of inactivity can help one person cut their annual carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1,250 pounds.
  • Print on both sides of the paper – the money saved on paper will substantial.

So people, wake up! Do your part, play your role to save the earth for our future.  I share because I care. Don’t you care?

Nur Wahida Md. Aris,
Pejabat Projek Zon Tengah. this!

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